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Mental Health Awareness: It's perfectly OK to tell if you ain't OK

Hello, my very first question to you is "Are you OK?" and I feel it's the most important question usually we forgot to ask the loved one around us. I know in this busy world we are just running behind materialistic achievement but we usually unsee or suppress our inner self who is somewhere screaming for help. We just shush! our inner self so that we can go ahead. But to what extend we can survive that way, Remember..

The tighter the fist the looser the sand.

We are not ready to let people know how do we feel, and I can completely understand that feeling because somewhere I was too in that boat sailing through the same route for several years. I won't call out but around the globe, MENTAL ILLNESS is still taboo.

  • What if my family comes to know about it, will they think I'm crazy?

  • What if my friends come to know about it, will they drop all communication with me?

  • What if my employer comes to know about it, will they terminate me?

  • What if the society I live in knows about it, will they outcast me?

Yes, this list is infinite and will go on. We constantly fear multiple what if's but do we tell ourselves to get the courage to speak about it. We are surrounded by an environment that doesn't believe in such invisible illnesses. But that's the thought process you and I together have to work on and change.

As per many economists, it is estimated that India has the potential to become one of the superpowers in the coming two to three decades, but do you really think it will be possible without healthy minds. We have a population of over 1.3 billion but it will be shocking to know that according to 2014 records we only have approximately 4500 Psychiatrists. If we compare this to the present superpower the US whose population is not even half in comparison to us has around 50,000 Psychiatrists. Suicide is now the second most reason for major deaths occur in India among the age group of 15 to 30. Now you do the calculation. In India, it is estimated approximately 110 million people suffer from common mental illness and much more have a severe illness but most of the population are having this taboo "Samaj Kya Bolega? (What will society say)" due to which they refuse treatment and professional help.

My sole purpose to write this blog is to get people motivated enough so that they can speak about it openly. If you are going through such a critical time, let people around you know that you are not OK and it's perfectly fine there's no SHAME. We take intense care when it comes to physical illness, why not Mental Illness. Tell them YES, I'm having an issue and I need time to get through it. I know there might be heart wrecking situations where you need more time to overcome example Grief, you lost your boyfriend due to illness or family member or the death of your child due to an accident it could be anything. These things are not easy to overcome, sometimes it takes weeks, months or years or maybe forever. But with some help and self-admiration, we can learn to conquer it and move on. Remember it's just a phase, this will drift away.

"Mental health problems don’t define who you are. They are something you experience. You walk in the rain and you feel the rain, but, importantly, YOU ARE NOT THE RAIN.”

Sometimes we are surrounded by our loved ones but still, we feel disconnected and we don't know what's wrong with us. Everything seems blurred no goals and no vision for life, but by my personal experience I must say we can help ourselves by following below steps

  • Getting professional support, trust me visiting psychiatrists is nothing wrong. It's ok to say yes I have a psychiatrist appointment. Don't shy away you ain't breaking any law.

  • Reach out to communicate with people, make them aware that you are mentally not feeling well. For me, it's similar to saying Oh! I got a migraine and I need time.

  • Just tell yourself It's Ok, we can make it and this day will pass.

  • Believe in yourself and first of all stand for yourself. You need to learn to say "STOP" to everyone who is spreading negativity and this can only be possible if you bring confidence.

  • Develop a passion, because nothing is more poisonous than an empty mind.

  • Make some true friends who are strong enough to show you right and wrong. I was lucky enough to have one and I feel it's the best blessing from the universe.

I know these steps ain't easy, but remember it isn't IMPOSSIBLE. I'll leave you with a verse from the great book Bhagavata Gita Chapter 6 Verse 6.

बन्धुरात्माऽऽत्मनस्तस्य येनात्मैवात्मना जितः। अनात्मनस्तु शत्रुत्वे वर्तेतात्मैव शत्रुवत्।
For him who has conqured the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his mind will remain the greatest enemy


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